How did Frank cope with job he hated

There are no pat answers to dole out when someone hates a job but it is useful to see how others handled the situation. Frank was a 54 year old middle manager stuck in the same position for six years. He had been very disgruntled with his position and felt that he was taken for granted and often his input was totally ignored. He came to the realization that his mood at home was being effected as well as his health. After a period of reflection he decided to create a multi plan approach to his frustration. He began by slowly eating a more healthy diet and planned to exercise at least three times a week. He avoided some of the toxic people at work who constantly complained about everything under the sun. He asked for a session with his immediate boss and requested guidance on how he could pursue additional responsibility. He decided to be more attentive to his family and structured his ride home from work through a more scenic route. It was an extra ten minute ride but created a relaxing pause from the workplace. Over the course of four months he felt as though his life and work experience had been positively influenced..

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