Birthday wishes

Today is my birthday and I love all the well wishes from family and friends. I have thought long and hard as I get long in the tooth and the following gifts are what I most desire: I want all Americans to bury the hatchet and support solutions that address our most pressing challenges. Argue and put forth your best case but intransigence hurts too many people. I want our government to help Israelis and Palestinians find a giant step toward securing Israel’s safety while freeing the Palestinian people. I lust for a way to embrace immigrants and find a just way toward citizenship. I thirst for the full acceptance of women, those who sexually differ from me and the full rights and privileges. of all citizens. So certainly an I phone or a trip to Rome would be welcome but I would prefer that we make a real dent into the society that I believe can become all that makes it the hope of a shining city on a hill.

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