Day 15 Creating leverage

One of the key ingredients in the change process is to create leverage which provides energy and inspiraion. A formidable source of leverage is to determine “what will be the pain if I do not achieve these goals” ?Specifying the negatives that will occur if I fail to meet the goal creates leverage. There can be a host of unwanted feelings that will develop if the goal is not attained. Examples of this would be in the area of weight reduction. What will be the pain if I set a goal to lose weight and do not achieve the goal? ” There coulkd be health considerations,image considerations and a disappointment in the ability to follow through.Pain can be a great motivator and source of energy.All human beingss seek to avoid pain and so in that respect identifying the pain beforehand creates leverage.

Work task:
What pain will you experience if you do not achieve your goals. Write them down and see if they create leverage.

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