Day 16 Pleasure as leverage

Yesterday we spoke about pain being something that creates leverage in seeking to attain goals. Spelling out what will occur if the goal is not met can create imagery that promotes commitment to the goal. Knowing that failure creates a host of negative outcomes can provide the impetus to continue to commit to achievement. The opposite is also true; when we develop the pleasure that we experience in the achievement of the goal. If the goal is the cessation of smoking there are many areas of images and reasons that will create positives. The stronger the pleasure the more formidable the leverage for goal attainment. An example of this would be the pleasure in quitting smoking.Your health will be improved,you will have fewer respiratory problems,clothes will smell better and if you have children they will experience fewer colds etc. The more you can create concrete images and reasons of pleasure the probability of goal achievement is enhanced.

Work task:
Next to each goal write down every source of pleasure and fulfillment you will experience when you achieve this goal. .

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