Day 9 New Beliefs

There are literally thousands of beliefs that we carry around with us. Many have been processed through our brains and we no longer believe them through inheritance but rather through personal choice. However, there are for most perssons negative beliefs that hinder growth and the achievement of goals. In order to move forward in the goal setting,change process it is imperative to consciously add new beliefs. For example the belief that change is possible regardless of age or the belief that you deserve a better job or relationship. If we believe that we are unworthy or incapable of achieving new goals our brains will cease to focus on those as real choices. Beliefs are the foundations of behavior and when we substitute new beliefs for negative preventive ones we are more ready to apply the behaviors required for change.

Work task:
Write down any belief that you believe will support the goals you are addressing i.e.” I believe that I have the facility to learn a new language” or “I believe that I will find a meaningful relationship” or “I believe that I am able to learn the skills required to find a meaningful career.”.

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