Day 10 Wish,want and choose

In order to gain focus on the goals that you set for yourself a major step is to define how serious your intent is regarding the goals. There are many things that float through our minds and desires but these are often not really behavioral goals. It is helpful to pass these potential goals through the words wish,want and choose..If you are in the process of setting goals examine them in light of those three words. We wish for many things but this is somewhat fanciful. We want many things to happen and this is more focus than wish but still inadequate for goal achievement. The word choose is the key reality because it has moved front and center in our brain and it is the potential for behavioral application. Once you choose to attain a goal your brain moves to implementation.

Work Task:
Examine the goals that you are considering and place the word wish ,want or choose next to each goal.Once you have done this on a seperate piece of paper write the goal or goals in as specific behavioral manner as possible. Once you finish this write at the bottom of the paper” I choose to achieve this goal” Now sign the paper with your signature.

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