Day 8 Self Worth versus Worthiness

In the course of a normal week it is probable that our emotions rise and fall on the ordinary events of the day.Unexpected events can cause our emotions to fluctuate wildly. On a scale of one to ten we can go from a one to a ten in an instant when some difficult situation is upon us. The way we feel about ourselves is often referred to as self worth. When things go well and smoothly most will feel pretty good about tthemselves. In the change process self worth is important but it is not enough of an anchor to promote positive goals because it is not a constant. On the other hand there is a concept called worthiness which originates in the intellect and is steady. It is the belief that you have value period regardless of how you feel.Worthiness is based on your humanity and never can be diminished. Despite your feelings and failings your worth as a person is the foundation of the positive change process.

Work Task
: Examine the last few days and identify the feelings of self worth on a scale of one to ten. Compare this with the intelectual belief that you have value period. Stating your worthiness for change is not a lack of humility but rather a key ingredient to achieving what you desire.

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