We All Touch The World Everyday

Significant change is usually identified with some notable world leader and rarely do we understand that human change is something that is in the sphere of each of us. Through the myriad activities of today there will be opportunities to touch our world and make the experience better for others. It may be as simple as drying the tears of a child, or a phone call to a friend or a gift to someone who is in financial difficulty. There will be moments that we certainly would not think of as earth shattering but in fact they are. Small acts of kindness often trigger reciprocal acts on the part of the receiver. When we make the world a little kinder and softer we may spawn similar activities In the hearts and minds of those whose lives we benefit. There is no one who does not have the potential or opportunity to alter the course of human history. The power of one is the geyser that can lead to making the world what we all desire.

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