Watching little children explore the world is a wonderful example of the value of imagination. Their universe is in constant exploration mode, and the things they see and explore are not bound by restrictions. They can color anything and not be confined to the realistic shades that will be taught as they progress. They can create fantasies that make them smile, and all of the fables and stories in the electronic media are real. They will not forever live in a world of fantasy because as time goes by some of the fantasies will go by the wayside. Responsibility will be part of their development and the progression of life will force many daily adjustments. The reality of the entire adult world will shape their feelings and much of this process is healthy. But in the process should they will be limited to the experiences of the adults whose job it is to guide them? I believe that to drain imagination from all learning is to minimize the human experience, and take the precious gift that has been one of the most wondrous diamonds of life. Learning is wonderful, but imagination widens the curve and brings to our minds and spirits opportunities that can take us to new horizons.

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