The Search For Legacy

Every human being desires to be special and to have some lasting feeling that they make a difference. However, for many of us we spent an inordinate amount of time trying to be something that may be out of our reach. Weighted down with messages from the culture or a host of others, we often are in search of magic formulas that will transform us into a person that makes a difference. I am not stating here that growth and development should not be eternal in our lives, but sometimes what we are longing for is out of our reach. The desire to be taller or having this shape or more or less hair may not be the keys to our finding the niche we seek. What we desire may be right in front of our nose (and in my case that should be easy to see). The real legacy may be in the fact that we are truly one of a kind. No one in the world has ever had the individual perspective that you have, EVERYTHING about you is singular and in its’ purest form without comparison. The way you touch the world has never happened before. So the choice is really yours. Follow the dictates of the culture and try to be what you perceive others want you to be, or accept and love the legacy that is in your hands and heart. You are one of a kind, a singular experience that the world has never seen before. The minute you believe and breathe that into your spirit your legacy will live forever, because you will make everyone around you more special.

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