Lasting Friendships

One of the reasons I wrote “On the Corner” was to portray a deep friendship between two persons that were vastly different,They held diverse views on social issues and politically they were miles apart.Despite this, they held a deep respect, and yes ,even love for each other.We are living in a tumultuous time when it seems that nothing is normal. Every day the polarization seems to deepen, and the news locally and nationally is rarely joyful.These realities test even lifelong friendships, and there is a temptation to sever even long standing bonds. I will not do that ,and though at times I have difficulty understanding the political positions of friends ,I will not cut ties that mean a great deal to me.I cannot apologize for the deep beliefs that drive me to oppose much of what the current administration is doing.However,I must remain open to dialogue openly and honestly with friends who do not share my beliefs.

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