Stand Up

Every time there is a massacre in America I feel that this may be the tipping point. Unfortunately despite overwhelming support for background checks nothing happens and McConnell and Trump wait out the public outrage. They mumble the same platitudes but reality sets in and they “do nothing”.The individual citizen feels horror but believes that individually they can do nothing to move the government to act.This belief stands in the way of any action that might make the tragedies less likely to occur over and over again. It is worthwhile to remind ourselves that every great social movement began with individuals who were brave enough to put themselves on the line. Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a bus and ordinary citizens one by one stood up and they changed the world. McConnell and Trump are counting on you believing that you as one person can do nothing to make them take real action.Stand up and stay strong in any way you can to shame them into doing the will of the people.

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