Boston Marathon

Tomorrow will be the fifth anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing and life has been permanently altered for hundreds of innocent people.Some families lost loved ones, while others have endured years of pain,surgeries and loss of limbs.That hateful day shattered hopes and dreams ,but the terrorists in their warped hatred believed that they would overwhelm the population and force Bostonians into a cowering future. They had no sense of the deep heroic roots of a city that was at the birth of he American dream. Certainly there was fear and trepidation but the words”Boston Strong” were more than a slogan.The city wept ,but those tears were not ones of a defeated citizenry; they were the evidence of sadness but also the resolve to get through the pain and live fully despite the pain. Tomorrow the myriad of persons that compose this wonderful city will come together again to celebrate the marathon. There will be silence in remembrance ,but also the exuberant cheers of a people that will never be cowed by evil.

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