I live in a large condo building in Boston and we have an ongoing series of “conversations” by members of our community.These are small group presentations that often lead to one on one requests by residents. I participated in one entitled”Career Choices”. The following week one of the residents requested a one on one follow up. He is in his late sixties and is exceptionally talented in the field of musical composition.He has a small nest egg and would like to spend the rest of his days composing music. When he spoke about this the passion and love for composing was most evident. However, the chances of financial success is rather daunting and he fears that he may lose his savings and should continue working in a job that is less than satisfying. I listened for quite a while and then asked him.” I understand your fears but if someone came and told you a similar story what would you tell him?” He paused and said “If he had that much passion about his work I would tell him to go for it despite his fears.”We spent the rest of the time talking about goals.plans and coaching. It is always worthwhile to put the dream out there and have someone listen and give feedback.

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