Power often Corrupts

When Cardinal Bernard Law was a young priest he had the courage to stand up for civil rights in the deep south. Later as the head of the Archdiocese of Boston this once brave man committed acts of outrage that allowed thousands of sexual acts against innocent children to protect the church. He lost his way, and believed his responsibility was to protect the church. His real responsibility was to protect the children and so he sacrificed them for what he thought was the greater good. I believe that many members of the Congress go to Washington with good intentions, but many over time fail to see who they were sent there to represent. Like Law they are seduced by power and privilege and justify decisions that clearly are not in the best interest of those they are to represent. Self deception ,rationalization and looking the other way eventually come back to haunt them and the seduction of power for many will have an infamous place in history. Law was brought down by a courageous group of Journalists who believed in the rule of law and that no one regardless of their position is above the law. It is a hopeful reminder for all of us who are concerned about the abuse of power in our government.

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