Endless Prejudice

Prejudice and exclusion of others always has a rationale .Bias finds a group of myths to justify the behavior that harms innocent persons. Jews were blamed for every misfortune in Europe.Blacks were labeled as inferior people and the separation of the races was to protect the white race from pollution. Homosexuals were defined as abnormal and acceptance of their lifestyle would threaten the state of marriage between a man and a woman.Mexicans and Hispanics were publicly branded as rapists and freeloaders. Muslims bore the stigma of Islamic terrorists.
The latest group in the box of exclusion and bias are transgender persons. Again we find bogus data to justify a a blanket rationale to deny them ordinary citizen rights. The old myths are rolled out and there are even economic fables added to the traditional false rationales.The tragedy in this case is that the venom comes from the highest office in the land . While pardoning one that has racially profiled literally generations of Hispanics the president with his pen excludes those that have done no wrong. Their sin is their difference and that justifies his heinous exclusion of them from the military.The arguments are as bogus as any other group that has been harmed by prejudice and it is time for us to stop looking the other way. If hatred or bias hurts anyone it hurts us all.

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