Neo- Nazism

I have spent decades studying the roots of the Holocaust and have had the privilege of knowing Viktor Frankl and many survivors.In all those years I have never used the word Nazi to describe a politician or any other citizen. What I witnessed today in Charlotsville ends that silence for me.Knowing first hand what the Nazi’s did to millions cannot be forgotten and listening today to the hatred of those neo -Nazis and white supremacists exploded a memory in my brain. FranklĀ told me in the beginning the marches in the street and anti- verbal Jew speech did not seem that it would last. We now know that those marches and words led to horrific acts of violence.

It is not enough for merely decry this on Facebook and so I will go anywhere that I am invited and speak about where this cancer in our society will lead.This is not an issue that is conservative or progressive.It is a mandatory requirement that every decent person raise their voice and witness that hatred cannot and will not stain the soul of our Democracy.

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