New Novel


Reaction of editor friend to my first draft.

On the Corner: A Novel of Lifelong Friendship

S.J. Tagliareni


On the Corner braids the stories of two men who first bonded as New Jersey school boys in the 1950s and reconnected 60 years later to heal their friendship and themselves. Michael is a compassionate but by-the-books doctor, depending on science, faith, and conservative politics to navigate the world’s complexity. Sal is a radical and passionate seeker who started his journey as a priest, but left the church to explore after an encounter with psychiatrist and Holocaust survivor, Viktor Frankl. When they meet again in the upscale, but deadly dull Fox Hill retirement community, they bridge their differences to spark surprising new beginnings, even at the end of life.


This is a novel about ordinary men who lived extraordinary lives, confronted by social transformation in a convulsive moment in American history, navigating personal tragedy and claiming different visions of service, success and faith. Their friendship challenges each of them to lighten up, truth up, and man up to face their fears, healing old wounds and reviving their dreams. With humorous insight into men’s friendships and feelings, this story speaks to today’s political and social divide, proving that no matter how stuck we might seem, we can change and grow at any age.

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