The Real Issues

The boorish behavior of our president certainly deserves the outrage of every decent person. , However there is the danger that it is focused on the wrong reality.While we bemoan his sexist behavior his minions are attacking the very foundations of our democracy.The health care plan will remove millions from decent coverage.The EPA has become a partner with polluters.The voting system is gearing itself to make millions of legitimate citizens ineligible to vote.The free press and public school system are under constant attack.The critical wall of separation between church and state has been weakened .
While all this is happening the liar in chief has blithely ignored the threat to our elections posed by the Russians.We can be disgusted with his tweets, but there is a more dangerous threat to our way of life.I am of the opinion that we need five million of us to make our way to Washington and protest the attempted return to an America that is filled with a real swamp.

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