We are all Patriots

One of the reasons that the Congress has literally failed the American people is because they play us against each other.Labels prevent citizens from having real dialogue, and critical issues go unresolved for years.Angry confrontations go on at public meetings but little happens in the aftermath of the shouting because many of our leaders are more interested in getting reelected than finding common ground.
I would suggest that we need not wait for them to lead us to creating solutions to our most important issues.Dialogue with a friend or relative who differs with you politically can lead to agreement on certain issues. It could be climate,health care,infrastructure or immigration reform. Once the common ground is found then phone calls to elected leaders would have more resonance politically.I know and love many who are on the other side of the fence, and believe that it is worth it to dialogue.If you begin with the premise that we are all patriots the road blocks do not seem impossible to overcome.

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