Boston Strong

Yesterday I watched the HBO documentary on the Boston Marathon bombing.The difficulties faced by those who were injured in that tragedy were documented through the agonizing months and years of recovery.Their lives were completely altered in a split second, and the monumental challenges they faced were beyond imagination. Viewing such pain and sorrow one could understand the evil that had been set loose in an entire city. However, what was more clearly evidenced was the resiliency and courage of those effected by the bombing superseded the evil. Ordinary citizens,first responders and every person in Boston rose to the challenges, and “Boston Strong was more than a slogan.

The video reminded me that no matter how awful terror is the will and goodness of others in the long run will overcome any threat to our way of life. Freedom is never a free ride for anyone, but no matter the cost it is worth it.
It was not always easy to watch the journey of those innocents that were maimed ,or killed ,but I would recommend without qualification that everyone watch the video.

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