All of the survivors of the Holocaust that I interviewed through the years told me that they were heartbroken that the world silently stood by and did nothing.The horrors were beyond imagination but what hurt equally was that no one cared. They could not flee and day after day they lived with the fear that soon it would be their turn to suffer and die. Today basically the world is powerless and silent while thousands are murdered in Aleppo. Putin and Assad have perpetrated monstrous war crimes against innocent civilians.We fall back on the belief that we are protecting ourselves from terrorists while children are being murdered, and those that survive will be scarred emotionally for life.I always wondered whether I would have had the courage to stand for my Jewish neighbors against the Nazis.I cant answer that question, but I can now stand for the people of Aleppo and call out the monsters, and beg governments around the world to do everything they can to cease the carnage.

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