Bigger than self

You are fortunate if someone in your growth and development modeled a philosophy that was bigger than yourself.I learned early on that service to others was the way to deep fulfillment and meaning.Nurtured by a family that did not merely spout the belief; they lived it.This was greatly reinforced by the two years I spent being mentored by Viktor Frankl.He once said to me”Greatness lies in dedicating yourself to something bigger than self interest”
It is most normal to care about yourself, and to desire a life filled with good things,but adding the dedication to others raises life to a higher plain.This living for others as well as self need not be mammoth in scope because few of us have those opportunities. However, the moments to make a difference are legion within our reach.Today I choose to find at least one way to care about someone that could use a boost, or an indication that someone cares

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