History is replete with incidents where innocent lives are taken in the name of a cause or belief.In the last century there have been hundreds of cases where the slaughter was justified based on some political,racial or distorted religious belief.Last night it happened again in Paris, and totally innocent persons in that marvelous city were murdered by militants whose beliefs allowed them to justify the insanity of the slaughter.The aftermath for hundreds of Parisians and the nation of France will be devastating, but like all the monsters that have traveled this route before in the long run they will not win. The believers of thousand year Reich’s and plans to return to primitive violence may spread their venom and wreak havoc, but they never are able to sustain their barbarous acts.
The city of lights may be temporarily draped in black but their will come a day when this group of murderers will wind up on the ash heap like all those before them who believed that they could bring freedom,fraternity and equality to its knees.

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