I saw the movie “Malala” yesterday and am completely in awe of her courage and commitment to children worldwide.Historically hate groups see education as something that must be eradicated so they can maintain and control their warped ideology.ideology. Malalass father also exhibited extraordinary courage in publicly denouncing the Taliban, and giving witness to the truth that it was a corruption of the very nature of Islam.

It is beyond sad that over sixty million children are denied the opportunity to develop their full potential because of perverted ideas that allow no discussion or margin.The world must not be silent about these horrors,
and in particular we must consistently encourage our leaders to speak out on these human rights issues.

On the home front every child deserves a quality education, and an individual plan.This will never happen until all of us get involved in some way to make this reality.Resources for one of the most important challenges for our society are being cut in almost every school district..There are children waiting for our commitment to assisting in every way possible.

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