Mass Murders

am not an expert on the 2nd Amendment and what we should do to address the ever present mass murders in America. However, I have a wealth of experience with kids at every level ,and have been exposed to many angry young men along the way. There is no one size that fits all situations but the perfect should not stand in the way of the good. I have never met a kid who did not in some shape or form want to fit in. When the choices are only negative the anger is like a magnet for hate and violence. We can save some kids and hopefully some lives by getting the congress off its duff to pass infrastructure legislation that gives kids a chance to work and be productive. We can widen the ability to feed every kid so that one in five doesn’t go to bed hungry. We can triple our attempts to minimize bullying in the schools, and we need to reach out to the kid who is now a loner, We must provide alternative ways to handle conflict as well as finding the resources for sports,bands,dance acting and any activity that get a kid involved. Instead of labeling the anger we need to find ways in the schools homes and workplaces to address it . We talk a great deal about American exceptional ism but we often cut the very programs and activities that promote the kind of results we desire.Getting a kid involved in helping others is a magic way to transform the personal pain into caring and compassion. I have personally witnessed the transformation of the so called” lost “kid by having him become a partner with one who has physical handicapping conditions. We also need to organize the zillion people like me who are ready and willing to volunteer to help schools, groups or anyone else that can make a dent.
I for one can no longer shrug my shoulders, weep and give in to the belief that there is no perfect solution. If we really give a damn we will find the will and the resources to at least lessen this madness.

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