Pope Francis

I recently have done radio interviews ,and have a few others in the coming weeks that focus on Pope Francis’ visit to America..Once in a blue moon a pope comes along that is very different than his predecessors. Pope John xxlll was thought to be a nice old man that would maintain the status quo ,but he opened the window and had a council that shook the foundation.He and Peter were tied for the popes that I most loved and respected.Pope Francis has tied them for my admiration. He has done and said things that are so foreign to traditional pope behavior.He immediately openly said there would be a no tolerance policy toward clerical pedophilia. The Vatican bank which had been a scandal for years was condemned, and the books were literally opened.He told members of the Roman Curia that the suffered from spiritual Alzheimer’s He reminded the clergy and the laity that what they did on Monday was more important than what they
did on Sunday.

I have differences with him namely on the role of women in the church,contraception and priestly celibacy ,but I applaud his humanity and openness to the fact that many roads lead to heaven.He has opened his arms to Atheists and members of every faith.For me the core of Christianity are the words spoken by Christ in the sermon on the Mount. I see in Pope Francis a pastor,not a king ,but one who lives fully those words.

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