I was horrified last year when I saw a cop shoot a man in the back who was running for his life, and there were other incidents like the one in Baltimore that made me wonder about the abuse of power We must always stand up for those who have been abused by the system. However, we must stand also for the men in Blue who everyday provide us with the safety and service that keeps us able to function most times without fear or worry. I have know many cops in Westfield,Jersey City and New York and have seen numerous acts of heroism and kindness.It is time for all of us to stand together.Yes we muse weed out the few who use the badge to abuse others, but we must also honor the majority of cops who need to know that we have their backs a well as all of our citizens. I weep for those who were killed without justification, but there are also tears for the cop who was murdered yesterday.,

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