The Maybe Zone

There is a place that exists between our choices to say yes or no that I call the”maybe zone.”It can occupy a large part of what we choose and how we handle important opportunities that could make a significant difference in our lives.Not sure whether I want to move forward and make a decision to support my choices so I stay in the” maybe zone”. Next week or next month or next year I will make a definitive decison about what I have been considering but now is not the time. Maybe I need more information, or maybe I am unsure, or maybe it will not turn out right, so I will rest in the limbo of maybe. The way to move from maybe to yes or no is to clearly define what it is that I really want, and to spell it out with great detail.What will it be like in six months if I stay in the “maybe zone”? Will it enhance my life or will it be a drain on my hopes and dreams?. This will create the energy to move from the maybe zone to action”.Maybe” may be a safe place to rest, but as a final destination it has real limits to who and what we can become.

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