Good Counsel

First win for the clearing house thanks to your emails and posts. A friend wrote to me last week explaining her concerns that she had been overlooked for promotion despite outstanding performance appraisals. She had been passed over three times and could not fathom why she had not received one of those promotions.. She and the rest of the organization were dismayed by what they perceived to be a process based on gender not talent. Through your counsel she arranged a meeting with her immediate VP and requested a pathway to being a candidate for the executive level. She presented her case with data and was pleasantly surprised by his response. He admitted that she was an outstanding g employee and felt that to some degree he had taken her performance for granted. They together established a series of new projects that would give her visibility, and he told her that he would support her for the next available position at the executive level. She requested that I thank all who sent me emails and posts.

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