Monday can be the dreaded day of the week when we feel most drained and lethargic.We run through all of the tasks,work assignments and perhaps even meetings with others that do less than fill us with energy.Our mindset will have a lot to say about whether this is one of those zillion tough starts of the week, or whether this is the start of a week filled with positive moments. I don’t need to leap out of my bed like Mary Poppins, but I can frame my visual of the day in a way that it becomes less wearing. I believe that there will be moments in this day when I will have opportunities to grow, and hopefully positively touch the lives of others.It is not merely Monday but a day which will never happen again.I can choose to be droopy and reluctantly go through the motions or grasp it by the horns and make it special. When you are having that cup of coffee see it as opportunity Monday rather than the beginning of a tough week.

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