The little voice

I have probably spoken literally over a thousand times and every time before i speak there is this little voice in the back of my brain that spews out all the reasons why the keynote or talk will bomb. Fortunately I discount this, and at least up to now it has had no effect on outcomes.That negative voice resides in most of not all of us, and unfortunately too many times we let it effect our behavior. It tell us not to attempt something, or rolls out all the precarious consequences of failure. It reminds us of the past stumbles, and clearly identifies where we are lacking. The voice often has perfected a script that keeps us in the land of wishes rather than the land of doing. My suggestion is to add a voice to balance this .One that supports you and musters your courage in those moments of doubt. We all need to hear the cheers and not only the boos so that we are not governed by the limitations of fear.

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