When asked how they feel about their jobs the overwhelming number of people respond with the answer that it is not their dream job.When you consider that most of us spend half of our waking lives on a job that is an issue of most concern. The issues behind these feelings initially appear as monetary ones, but on closer examination it is almost always that they feel they are stuck,not taken seriously and do not get a sense of purpose or fulfillment out of their work.Changing jobs is not so simple today ,so one of my suggestions is if possible add a dimension to your job.take on a new assignment or ask yourself what aspect of my job could I change without asking for permission.Reach out to someone and pursue the possibility of a joint project.Examine a weakness or flaw in the organization and attempt to offer an alternative strategy.There is always some dimension that you can find more satisfying.Reach within yourself with the knowledge that if you feel undervalued and underutilized it is up to you to create adjustments that put more energy and inspiration in your spirit.

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