Secondary response

I am always amazed that my reaction to many situations immediately is the.same as it was when I was twenty tears old.Hard to admit it but the city kid sometimes automatically responds like push me and I push right back. However, I have learned that there can always be a secondary response to situations which is far healthier and much more productive.We need not close our minds and hearts to new ways to behave. I have always referred to this as the principle of the second response. An example of this is shyness. Many persons first response to new social situations is to avoid them, or to drift into the background. It can be learned through a series of positive self beliefs and a real understanding of one’s worth that a secondary response is to participate in the settings despite the feelings. We need not always respond because of the way we feel and I know that I am a broken record but there are many wonderful experiences right outside where our comfort zone ends. Each of us deserves to be needed.understood and loved .

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