New Presentations

I have completed re-writing” Roving Leadership-a narrative of transforming Business Culture” and will use it as a platform for securing keynotes,workshops and coaching.I have segmented my approach to complement my work on the Holocaust.Thanks to my son John one of my presentations is now up on YouTube.It is rather long but will give a sense of what my style is, and what are some of the messages

Some of the topics that are available are:
What I learned from Viktor Frankl that could change your life
Roving Leadership- the path to getting everyone to have purpose and passion
Retirement is the ultimate promotion
Is their life after you have been downsized.?
Leveraging your dissatisfaction into new personal and professional growth

I will go anywhere to speak, and my fee is negotiable.It would really be a huge boost if you could introduce my tapes and site to your networks in Social media

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