College suicides

I have become increasingly concerned about the number of suicide attempts by college students all across the country. This reality was made vivid by a personal experience a few months ago in Washington. On my way to the Metro I was shocked by the explosion of a tree about fifteen feet in front of me.Initially it appeared to be the result of a lightning bolt but  I observed that a huge branch of the tree appeared to have a piece of clothing in it. Four people lifted up the branch, and there was a young woman whose life had been spared by the fact that she hit the tree and it cradled her to the ground. She was apparently alive but severely injured. Medical help was almost immediately and I learned later in the week that she had survived. The privacy of personal information did not allow any further information but the reality was that she had jumped from the 9th floor.

I cannot ignore this trend, and obviously have no magic pill to end this serious issue but I am willing and able to speak to any college about the life lessons I learned from Viktor Frankl. His message is a s resonant today in our digital world as it was when I heard it years ago.

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