Like an onion

Recently my friend Perry said that as we age a lot of us start to believe that we have few opportunities to achieve anything significant. He ventured to say that in a sense we are like onions that have been on the counter for a week. The outside is kind of worn and shabby but take off a few layers and the onion is juicy and fresh. Age is just a number and should never be a block to realizing that there are so many opportunities to be vital regardless of the number on the calendar.

I once gave a talk that was titled “retirement is the ultimate promotion.” There are so many adventures that wait for us if we are willing to reject the cultural commandments that only celebrate youth. It is not merely that the tons of dreams are available only to the young .So based on Perry’s wisdom, my advice to myself is get off the sofa, shut the TV and follow the desires that like the onion are merely a few layers beneath the surface.

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