fear of Fail

One of the big boulders in the path of our dreams and desires is the fear of failure.Always present with painful memories its tentacles often touch our hopes to attempt something meaningful. Fear that we will be criticized or experience pain often makes us merely shrug our shoulders and put the desired outcome on the back burner.Discomfort is not something that we wish to experience, and so fear may rule the day. “If I don’t try then I won’t fail and experience humiliation and criticism.”
I like everyone does not wish to experience the effects of failure but I have learned to treat failure as feedback. If something did not work then examining why it didn’t and what I could learn from it allows me to alter my behavior. I can think of no worthwhile venture that has immediate success without some need for alterations. Past failure is not a guarantee that new plans and dreams will repeat the old patterns. Fear of failure is natural, but letting it be the preventer that limits who you are is in my opinion a choice that you might want to revisit.

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