Colors of the Rainbow

It appears that in many ways the recent deaths of men of color by police have shown again how polarized we are. Immediate sides are taken and some of the bias of our world views are shouted at those who differ with our beliefs. Regardless of where you stand on these issues the fact remains that race is still a third rail in our country.None of us would for one second entertain the thought that it is almost impossible to grow up in this country without some racial bias. It knows no boundaries and whether we are white,black or any of the other colors of the rainbow we carry latent fears and bias. The disproportions in our world will not be solved by the reinforcement of these beliefs that often come from lack of exposure and contact. Negative outcomes such as  the number of men of color in prison and a host of other realities are way out of whack, and unless you are tied to the disproved so called science that labels people genetically inferior we must find ways to change the patterns that have too long dominated

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