I have my own version of”Tuesdays with Morrie” because I have the pleasure of regular meetings with Perry the light of the Corner Bakery. Yesterday’s life lesson was on forgiveness and he shared that he had for years been estranged from his youngest son. They had a contentious past there was almost no contact and one day Perry realized that if he died his son would always feel the pain of the unresolved conflict. He swallowed his pride called his son and built what he calls “the best four years of my life. “His son was thrilled to have the opportunity and they became more than father and son, they became buddies. He paused while telling me this story and I could see he was rather tearful. His son died four years after their reunion suddenly and he said he would never have forgiven himself if the bad blood had not been resolved. He told me if there is anyone you know that has a similar situation have them try one more time.

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