John Curran

Readers Digest always featured a section called”My Unforgettable Person”, a topic which was always quite interesting. One of those persons for me was John Curran. Today marks the first anniversary of his death but for me his presence remains. From the first moment I met him to the day he died John brightened the life of everyone who was touched by his presence. When John came into a room he owned it as well as everyone in the room. His Irish wit and boyish charm plus his brilliant mind and amazing ability to connect with others was infectious. John was the ambassador of good will that made you feel good about life and yourself. I never spent one moment with John when I did not realize what a treasure he was. For over a decade he refused to let cancer control his zest for life and all of his family and circle of friends learned by watching him to embrace each day as a gift. He will never truly be gone for me and at some point today I will raise a glass in living memory to a man that has made life special for so many of us.

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