Sid Lehmann

It has been a year since my dear friend Sid Lehmann died and I smile when I remember the first time I met him. Our town Yardley decided to abandon their relationship with Morrisvlle and build their own sewage plant. The problem with that was it would be on the Delaware river and six hundred yards from our gorgeous neighborhood. Most of the people who heard this startling news were upset but thought they were powerless. At the municipal meeting I sat next to a man who after uttering a few expletives turned to me and said “no way”. I agreed and we decided to stand and promise the group that there was “no way” they were going to build the plant. We had no idea at the time how we would achieve this, For one solid year Sid and I organized the entire neighborhood and even successfully elected Sid to the local governing board. He was the first Democrat elected in Yardley since the Civil War The plant was never built and went down to a resounding defeat..I remember today his lion heart, brilliant mind and realize that his dedication to lead on causes that matter is my model and responsibility.

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