A new day

In the 1960″s under the vision of Pope John the XXlll I saw the church moving to an embrace of the world and a closer fulfillment of the Beatitudes. For a host of reasons that wave of love and willingness to change was stifled and the fortress mentality once again became dominant. The policies and edicts were not born of dialogue but rather were a list of don’ts clearly identifying the evils but rarely the goods. Some were forbidden sacramental nourishment and others were made to feel as though there was no place for them. This climate has been altered by a true pastor and though the laws have not been abrogated there is a new climate from the seat of Christendom. Pope Francis is less interested with Canon Law than he is in being a true shepherd of all people not just Catholics. It is a new era and I hope that clerics all over the world embrace the spirit f this man who has evidenced the beauty of inclusion and service to others.

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