The way we speak and the beliefs we carry can provide leverage for the attainment of the goals we seek. However by themselves the reality is that little will be accomplished. The real requirement is behavior that signals to our brain that we truly have made the decision to achieve the goal. In the goals that I have set,100 reviews on Amazon for my two novels and twenty five additional speaking engagements there must be a plan and that plan must have behavioral requirements. For example in my case1. the personal contact of friends and family asking them to review the boo k 2.Providing them with any promotional materials they require to see speaking engagements 3.Following up every lead provided with direct contact. Today you must begin to operationalize the goal by doing something. Even if you do not know how you will achieve it there must be behavior. For example “What should be my next step? Where will I find the help I need? Who can assist me.? Each day the goal becomes stronger when you behave toward its completion.

On a completely separate note the woman who fell nine floors is hospitalized and it appears that she will live. The attempt was suicidal and hopefully she will recover both physically and emotionally.

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