Sad occurrence

Going to suspend the goal setting for one day.This afternoon I was on my way to the metro to meet Elaine. About twenty feet in front of me I saw a tree literally have a huge branch come crashing to the ground. I was stunned and initially though it was an individual lightning bolt.The branch was huge with part in the road and part covering the sidewalk. A woman noticed that there was a piece of clothing in the middle of the branch. Three of us gently lifted the huge branch and underneath the leaves was the still body of a woman. She apparently jumped from the apartment building.One person went to move her and I prevented him because you should never move someone who is that seriously injured. In the next few minutes the police and hordes of medical staff arrived. She was unconscious but had a weak pulse. So very very sad and though I have in the past known persons who killed themselves it was still stunning. Not sure she jumped but suicide is not the act of a coward but rather for that person the only choice they see at that moment. I hope that if anyone in my circle is ever that desperate I will be aware of their pain.

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