Berlin Proposal

Title of Research Proposal:
Historical research: Catholic Anti Judaism spawns Nazi anti-Semitism: The Relationship between the History of the Roman Church and the Holocaust.
Summary Paragraph: This research proposal will study the strong and explosive connection between the Roman Church and its history of anti-Judaism which contributed to Nazi anti-Semitism and the Holocaust (Shoah). There is a tremendous amount of research which has documented that the Roman Church’s anti-Judaism was a contributing factor to Nazi anti-Semitism. However these data have rarely been available to the local congregations of Christian churches and synagogues. Using fictional characters, Hitler’s Priest (Tagliareni, 2012) and The Cross and the Swastika (Tagliareni, 2014), have portrayed some of the historical issues which confronted both communities during the holocaust. As a result of the publication of these two books, some Christians and Jews have reached a greater understanding of the insidious historical events leading to the holocaust. The intention of this proposal is to further explore how the separation occurred and how a greater understanding of the roots of the separation will lead to ecumenical opportunities for the future. It is an assumption that specifying and admitting these prejudices, by creating a plot and characters as part of the final book of the trilogy, will provide not only a glimpse of the past but will reinforce the conviction that both groups are historically Semites. There is much more in common between Christians and Jews, that that which separates them. Deliverables will be the novel, five short videos and the essential components for a national speaking tour.
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