The incident with Ray Rice and his fiancée in an elevator is more than a blemish on him and all who participated in the lenient treatment he received, it is a cancer. It is not only women who shout decry this situation but every male that believes that we can no longer tolerate rape, domestic violence and any form of abuse towards others for any reason. The NFL officials,the policeman at the scene and the prosecutors should all be openly reviled for their treatment of this case. A two game suspension? That brutal attack deserved a jail sentence, but because of the fact that he was a star athlete the punishment was a joke. It is time that as a man I publicly come forward and say”this good old boy” does not believe in the sexist hogwash that still permeates much of society. Domestic violence can no longer be swept under the rug ,and the culprit must not skate because he has athletic talent or can buy his way out. Shame on a system that allowed Ray Rice to be free and walking the streets today.
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