No one does it alone

Writing a book may appear to be a solo flight but in fact it is a collegial venture. So many hands and minds must touch the work before,during and after publication.Currently I am trying to assemble a national and to a lesser degree international book tour in 2014. In this goal it would be really helpful if so many of my friends,family and associates assist in the process.I need direct contacts in the media, Synagogues the Jewish Community,Churches,Colleges,Universities ,Bookstores and any other venue in which I can speak about the Holocaust. I will provide any information and supplemental information that is required. No assistance is too small, and currently I am excited about the new web page that is being developed. It will contain all sorts of information about the research involved in the process, and a host of interesting topics on the Holocaust and related areas. I welcome all of your help and ideas.(

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