There are bleak moments in our History

There are moments in the American tale when the future looks bleak. I grew up with the inherent belief that the American dream was available to every person in this land. However,that dream is somewhat tarnished by the reality that our government is controlled lock,stock and barrel by lobbyists that though unelected influence the lives negatively of ordinary citizens. They shape laws ,create loopholes and protect only those that pay for their services. The common good is viewed as a fairytale and the almighty dollar is worshipped at the altar of greed. This is not the first time that the wonderful American dream has been stolen by a few, and it will not be the last. However, the magic of this land created by the Founding Fathers is bigger than all who try to use it to their sole advantage. The people will somehow peacefully restore and replenish the reality of the dream that has always eventually risen from the ashes

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