Rob Hess

There is often no simple reason why someone is homeless. It can be a host of realities that lead a person to sleeping an a piece of cardboard or under a bridge. Rob Hess believed that the homeless reality though complex had solutions and instead of merely wringing his hands he rolled up his sleeves and use his brilliant mind and passion to make a difference. Next time someone tells you that government never works tell them about Rob and how in New York alone one hundred and seventy six thousand people today have a permanent roof over their heads. He could never accept the view that nothing could be done, and went after solutions with all his heart and soul. Rob was truly a wonderful husband, father, family member and friend, but he was also a giant that modeled charity and love for his fellow human beings. Rob was the good Samaritan that all of us need to imitate to find a decent way of life for all those he cared about.
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